Gregory “Chickenman” Riley¬†one of the kindest, most generous and unselfish people we have ever had the pleasure of knowing passed away May 12th 2004 after he was involved in a tragic motorcycle accident.

Please keep Greg and the entire Riley family in your thoughts and prayers always. Those of you who may have known Greg can feel free to send your sympathies in the form of a donation on behalf of Gregory Riley to:

My Brother’s Keeper
PO Box 338
Easton MA 02356

Thanks for all your support, & kind words for Greg,
Dropkick Murphys

My friend “Chickenman”

My friend Chickenman
was tall and lean
Not an ounce of him was mean

My friend Chickenman
sure did love to ice skate
With a puck he was great

My friend Chickenman
use to love to water ski
I’ll never forget the day,
he took the time to teach me

My friend Chickenman
only had good things to say
That was just his way

My friend Chickenman
was a man of his word
In this day and age, that’s absurd

My friend Chickenman
has shown me,
how a man’s suppose to be

My friend Chickenman
has gone away,
But we shall be,
reunited again, someday

I love you, and will miss you, Greg Riley

Scott Chipman