Mick Jones Nicked My Pudding – Out Now !!

Hi Folks !!

Hey, you remember the good old days when we all use to buy our music ? Yup those were some good times weren’t they !!! You miss them you say ? Well you just happen to be in luck….We’re going OLD SCHOOL… RIGHT NOW!!!

You can DOWNLOAD our new single MICK JONES NICKED MY PUDDING and the b-side JAMES CONNOLLY directly from us RIGHT NOW at http://kr-m.co/mickjones !!

These are digital downloads. No streaming. (Vinyl might come out someday…)

We’re changing a minimum of 2 bucks for 2 songs…but if your feeling frisky and wanna kick in a lil more to the cause we’d be grateful. We appreciate your support, so we can keep our lights on, and pay our employees.

And on top of that if you’re really feeling nutty you can upgrade to a shout out video where we can send you or anyone you want a video or message — or better yet have one of us Roast Someone for you… You wanna blast a friend who’s annoying you – BRING IT ON!! 

Thanks for helping us and supporting musicians in these trying times.

On the topic of gratitude… It was an honor to do the free stream for you on Tuesday night. Your generous donations have raised $60,000 for the Boston Resiliency Fund!! The outpouring of joy we saw in the comments on our socials after the show was just incredible. The photos of kids dancing and jumping around in front of TVs all over the world…it doesn’t get better than that!!

About our new songs… MICK JONES NICKED MY PUDDING is a song about the legendary Mick Jones stealing our buddy Ted’s pudding from a community fridge at a recording studio….Ted swears it happened …We aren’t so sure but nonetheless it makes for a good story …and a valuable lesson…respect others’ property and puddin !! On the B side we cover our pal Larry Kirwan’s song JAMES CONNOLLY a song we’ve been wanting to do for years …so happy we finally did it!!

Mick Jones Nicked My Pudding